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March '20

* Started working as a staff writer on "Weird Waters," an upcoming TV series produced by Meticulous Media.

March '19

* Independent pilot "On The Bright Side" is now streaming on Amazon. 

January '19

* Performed in We're Gross With Gilli Nissim at the UCB Franklin Theater on January 17th.

October '18

* Featured in a national commercial for Let Go, a mobile classifieds app. You can watch the spot HERE


September '18

* Featured in the original Audible audiobook, Bad Reception. Other performers include Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Kyle Mooney, D'Arcy Carden, and more. 

August '18

* Featured in the monthly UCB show Cool Shit / Weird Shit at UCB Franklin.

June '18

* Featured in new Nerdist video, Hotel Artemis for LARPers.

May '18

* Featured as a guest on Nicole Byer's "Why Won't You Date Me" Podcast. Here's Splitsider's write-up of the appearance.

April '18

* Hired as a freelance writer for the Boomerang UK animated TV series Talking Tom and Friends

March '18

* Performed in storytelling show at UCB Sunset on March 25th.

February '18

* Mary Holland ("Veep," "Silicon Valley") performed one of the comedy sketches I've written, "Nervous Health Teacher," at the 19th Annual Telluride Comedy Festival.

January '18

* Performed at the Moth StorySLAM at Los Globos for the first time.

December '17

* Appeared in "Awkward Family Photos" sketch alongside Eva Gutowski on the relaunched MTV show, TRL.

November '17

* Independent pilot "On The Bright Side" is now on YouTube. 

October '17

* Was named a finalist in the Sundance Institute | Youtube New Voices Lab.


September '17

* Featured as a guest host on the Definitely Dying Podcast.

August '17

* Appeared on Season 2, Episode 4 of the TruTV series, "Adam Ruins Everything."


July '17

* Commissioned to write content/jokes for an expansion pack of the hit kid's card game, Not Parent Approved.

June '17

* Filmed series of videos for 7-11's Bring Your Own Cup Day.

May '17

* Wrote sketches for the May 5th performance of "That NEW NEW Sketch Show" at UCB Sunset. 

April '17

* YouTube short, The Lies That Movies Tell Us, now has over 65,000 views.

March '17

* Featured in new Funny Or Die video, Oreo Dunk Challenge.

February '17

* Produced "Good Stuff: A Night of Music, Storytelling, and Fundraising for The Trevor Project." Co-hosted with Casey Trela on February 13th in the UCB Inner Sanctum. 

January '17

Performed stand up set in Starpunch (UCB's "Best Of" Showcase).

December '16

* Wrote sketches featured in A Little Advice at UCB Sunset on Dec. 14th, 2016.

November '16

* Appeared on the new Fox TV series, "Son Of Zorn".

October '16

* Independent pilot "On The Bright Side" won best writing award at the 2016 New York Television Festival.


September '16

* Featured as a guest on The Meat Improv Podcast

August '16

* Independent pilot "On The Bright Side" named Official Selection at ITVFest.

July '16


* Wrote sketch which was filmed for Season 2 of The UCB Show on NBC's Seeso / Starz on-demand. "Nervous Health Teacher" sketch is featured in Episode 5 starring Mary Holland ("Blunt Talk", "Veep")

June '16


* YouTube short, Gifted Police Sketch Artist, now has over 30,000 views.

May '16


* Hired as a staff writer on the new DreamWorks animated series "Harvey Girls Forever."


April '16


* Read children's book, How To Keep Your Helicopter, at events hosted by Horace Mann Elementary School and Open Magnet Charter School.


March '16


* National Honda commercial began airing.


February '16


* Appeared in The AristoCrits (comedians playing D&D) live on JASH.


January '16


* Wrote sketch featured in UCB's "Best Of" Showcase, Starpunch.


December '15


* Shot role in new CollegeHumor/go90 web series, Fatal Decision.


November '15


* Shot role in short film (Newfoundland).


October '15


* Featured in two commercials for PUR Water.


September '15


* Hosting the Let's Table This: Pilot Showcase at UCB Sunset on Monday, September 14th at 7:00 PM. Featuring new scripts by Nicole Byer, Phil Jackson, and Mano Agapion. 


August '15


* Released new children's book, How To Keep Your Helicopter.


July '15


* Released new Hamilton 100 video (a collaboration with the YouTube channel, Zamboni Grenade).


June '15


* Featured in new UCB Comedy video, Dance Booth.


May '15


* Featured in a music video directed by Will Hines.


April '15


* Featured on Mary Sasson's Strong Opinions Podcast.


March '15


* Hosting new stand up show, Think Tank Stand Up, every Wednesday at 10:30 PM at The Lab on Vermont.


February '15


* Wrote for Cream Is Lazy (2/26 at UCB Theater Sunset).


January '15


* Recorded an episode of Matthew Brian Cohen's Lifescrapers Podcast.


December '14


* Writing for the UCB Yuletide Holiday Christmas Special running from December 18th - December 20th. 


November '14


* Began releasing episodes of "On The Cusp," a podcast featuring in-depth interviews with breakout writers and performers in the alternative comedy scene.


October '14

* Featured in the film, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day now playing in theaters nationwide.


September '14


* featured by the Huffington Post.


August '14


* "Mizz Miraculous" selected as a finalist in the 2014 NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition. Click here to see the trailer.


July '14


* Shot principal role in independent pilot, "All of the Above."

* Created (a web comic combining random TV shows, books, and movies).


June '14


* Wrote and performed in new show, "Normalton's Super Sweet 16!" at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

* Shot principal role in independent pilot, "Mizz Miraculous." 


May '14


* Featured in trailer for the upcoming film, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."


April '14


* Released new episodes of The State of Us on The Outside Joke's YouTube Channel.


March '14


* Shot role in sketch created by comedy group, "Lilan and Wilder."


February '14


* Wrote and performed in new show, "Get It Together," at Comedy Central Stage with sketch group, Hamilton 100.


January '14


* National "Starburst Minis" commercial began airing.


December '13


* Featured in Funny Or Die branded sketch, "A Christmas Sweaters Carol."


November '13


* Featured on Tremendosaur's "Before You Were Funny" Podcast. 

October '13

* Participated in the New York Television Festival, where pilot script, "The Good Samaritan's Club," was honored as a finalist in the Fox-NYTVF Comedy Script Contest.


September '13


* Shot supporting role in upcoming Disney film, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."

* Directed video featured on the website, Daily Picks and Flicks.


August '13'


* "Birthday Song" sketch, written for UCB team New Money, featured in Out of Bounds Comedy Festival.


July '13


* Web series, The State of Us: Season Three began airing on The Outside Joke's YouTube Channel. Third season as series' head writer.

* National commercial for McDonald's began airing.


June '13


* Shot role in promo for Spanish TV network, Mun2.


May '13


* Commercial for Kaspersky anti-virus began airing.

January '13


* Invited onto UCB sketch team New Money.

June '12


* Author of one of ten plays featured in the Friends of Friends Festival alongside new work by Megan Ganz (Writer, Community) and Michael Mohan (Writer, Save the Date)

August '11


* Won third place in the 1/2 Hour Category of the 2011 Scriptapalooza Television Writing Competition for Office spec script, "The Bid."

November '10


* Filmed first sketches with independent sketch group, Hamilton 100.

December '09


* One of 25 finalists for the 2010 Disney ABC Writing Fellowship. 

April '08


* Won the 2008 Sam Selden Prize for Playwriting at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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